Does Life Insurance Cover Funeral Expenses?

Life insurance will cover a funeral, but "funeral insurance" is not one specific type of policy. There are actually a number of ways to get covered in Ball Ground, GA:

  • Naming a funeral director as beneficiary. A funeral director can be named as a beneficiary on a policy or as sole beneficiary of a smaller policy. This will allow for the insurance to go directly to covering funeral expenses.
  • Making arrangements with a family member. When laying out who will receive what in a life insurance policy, many will choose to enlist a family member to plan the funeral, with the understanding that the extra money they are receiving through the policy is expressly for that purpose. It is important to select a trusted family member for this option. Final arrangements can be difficult to enforce given that the policy holder has passed on.
  • Pre-need contracts. It is possible to sign a contract with a funeral home so that the final expenses, including burial plot, casket, and other funeral expenses are pre-arranged. In this instance it will be to the beneficiaries to pay these expenses from the policy when the time comes.

There are a number of options for paying for a funeral with a life insurance policy, and it ultimately comes down to the arrangements that the policy holder is comfortable making with their insurer, funeral director and family.

If you’d like to learn more and arrange a plan that works for you, get in touch with The Sanford Group. We can help to arrange the right plan to provide you with the peace of mind you want when buying life insurance.